Grimsby Tackle PIPEDA Privacy Policy

At Grimsby Tackle, we value your privacy.

Grimsby Tackle Inc. collects your personal information for the purpose of receipt documentation of sales, to compile a registry/gift list for interested
individuals/customers and to send occasional newsletters and/or emails to customers/individuals interested in our products, sales, rebates, special offers, contests
and/or invitations to specials events.

We ask customers to disclose their personal information at the time of purchase in the form of name, phone number and email address. We also gather
demographic information indirectly from our website visits (generated by Yahoo), social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (which is in choice disclosed
publicly by the participants of those social media sites and kept private within those parameters) and by phone or email inquiries addressed directly to us at
Grimsby Tackle Inc. By visiting these websites sites or providing your personal information directly to us, you consent to the use of your personal information by
Grimsby Tackle Inc.

We do not sell or disclose your collected information to third parties. Personal information shall be kept for the business existence of Grimsby Tackle Inc., unless
otherwise legally specified. Access to your information is available to our staff, and possibly, when required, our cash register and computer technical support

Customer information is as accurate as declared by the customer at time of consent and release to Grimsby Tackle Inc. and when updated by the customer

Although we cannot delete your name from our register once a purchase is made, we are able to make alterations such as removing contact information (phone
and email address) which may have been provided.  Any web-related gathered information, site search statistics, and deletions from the internet are exempt of
Grimsby Tackle’s control and must be made by the individual using the internet via the affiliated search engines and/or social media affiliated sites (such as
Facebook or Twitter).

We use reasonable security measures to help protect the gathered confidentiality of personal information. Gathered personal information is stored securely via
our secured offsite backup systems and accessed with passwords. We protect payment card information we collect during transactions. We comply with
industry standards that require safeguards for handling and securing customer information.

You may ask to review your personal information at anytime by contacting the owner of Grimsby Tackle Inc. either in writing or in person at the store when

Please address any concerns regarding the collection of your personal information to:

Martin Riesebosch, Owner
Grimsby Tackle Inc.
515 Main St W
Grimsby Ontario L3M 1T6

March 10, 2012

This policy is subject to change in accordance to guidelines specified by the Privacy Act and the Government of Canada.