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Beyond braid and monofilament, this next-generation fishing line casts farther than any other Berkley line. It’s made of gel-spun polyethylene woven with hundreds of Dyneema® nanofilaments that are molecularly linked to form a uni-filament that’s stronger than braid, yet smooth as monofilament. Dyneema fibers are nearly frictionless for shooting off spools and cutting through the air with little resistance, delivering unparalleled long-distance casting accuracy. Its zero-stretch performance eliminates kinking and spool memory, while offering premium bite-detecting sensitivity. It also features an incredible strength-to-diameter ratio. Highly abrasion-resistant for long-lasting durability. Made in USA.


  • It casts farther than any other Berkley line
  • Superline strength, yet smooth as monofilament
  • Near frictionless for long-distance casting
  • Zero stretch offers superb sensitivity
  • Incredible strength-to-diameter ratio
  • Highly abrasion-resistant