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You already do your best "work" there. Might as well make it official . . . your boat is your real office. You've got your desk and your executive chair (a.k.a. casting platform and swivel seat). You've got your business computer (fish finder), plus all your pens, laser pointers and pencils (fishing rods). Heck, you've even got your red Swingline stapler and a big roll of tape (fishing line) that holds everything together. All that's left is a well-organized filing cabinet stocked with every essential file—make that, bait— you'll ever need.

On the best-bait front, Z-Man's got your back. Their radical ElaZtech baits have powered-up your soft plastics game to pro-level heights. Why not also give anglers the ultimate bait-file—a.k.a. the most valuable softbait tackle bag you've ever owned? The Z-Man Bait LockerZ is just that: the perfect softbait storage case and the one bag smart enough to house and systematize an extravagant pile of soft plastics.