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The Z-Man® ShroomZ JigheadZ™ are designed for use with Z-Man ElaZtech® finesse baits, like the Hula StickZ™ or the Finesse TRD™, to target a variety of freshwater species. Z-Man ShroomZ JigheadZ are Ideal for Midwest-style finesse applications, better known as the "Ned Rig." Highly effective, the Ned Rig fishing technique is centered on rigging small soft-plastic ElaZtech baits on light jigheads. What makes this technique different from other finesse techniques is best observed under water. The ElaZtech material's buoyancy and softness cause the jighead and plastic combination to slowly flutter and dart towards the bottom, almost never failing to elicit a strike. Finesse ShroomZ JigheadZ feature a welded wire keeper that prevents baits from sliding down the hook shank. Other features include super-sharp, premium black nickel hooks.

  • Designed for use with ElaZtech finesse baits
  • Ideal for the Ned Rig, a Midwest-style of finesse fishing
  • Welded wire keeper
  • Super-sharp black nickel hooks


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