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Because of its hydrodynamic shape, water coming off the transom flows smoothly under the transducer face. This results in accurate, high-speed, depth readings and clear display images. Going a step further, the P66 TRIDUCER Multisensor also incorporates a patented noise-suppression system. The result is a 5 to 8 knot (6 to 9 MPH) improvement over standard construction through improved shielding from noise and vibration. And the plastic release bracket lets the P66 rotate up to protect the housing if struck from the front

PLEASE NOTE: MM Adapter Required

Key Features


  • Lake and inshore all-around saltwater fishing for small to mid-size outboard boats

  • Depth and temperature in one housing

  • Plastic kick-up bracket

  • Accommodates transom angles between 2° and 22°

  • Recessed waterflow channel protects paddlewheel

  • Transducer can be removed from bracket without the use of tools for easy service and storage

  • Boat Size: Up to 12 m (40’)



Hull Deadrise



1.1 lb (0.5 kg)

Acoustic Window

Layered Plastic Urethane (LPU)

Maximum Depth Range

50 kHz - 235m to 353m (800' to 1,200')

200 kHz - 118m to 206m (400' to 700')

Transom Angles

Between 2° and 22°