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The Berkley Deep Hit Stick is an aggressive lure with a deeper rattle, bulkier profile, and a wider wobble than other stick baits. The Berkley Hit Stick Deep model has a true balsa-like action that is perfect for bigger, deeper, or more aggressive fish that may not respond to finesse minnow baits. Berkley integrated its FlashDisc technology for tracking stability and accuracy and outfitted the walleye trolling lure with sharp Fusion19 hooks.


Berkley's Deep Hit Stick can reach 18-24 ft. deep and move reliably with unique high speed rolling balsa action as a walleye trolling lure or when cast and retrieved. A dual-rattle system produces a loud and optimized pitch to attract fish from long distances, whether you're fishing prairie ponds or trolling for giant walleyes in the Great Lakes. Try the Berkley Deep Hit Stick for balsa-like action but with the durability of a premium plastic lure. It's great for catching fish deep in the water.


  • Integrated FlashDisc improves tracking stability and accuracy, giving the bait true balsa-like action
  • Wider, more aggressive tail action and a deep dive curve
  • A loud dual-rattle system with optimized pitch calls fish in from long distances
  • Thicker, beefier body for a larger attention-grabbing profile
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion19 hooks
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