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Use a Berkley Flipping Jig with its broad, flat Arkie-style jig head in heavy cover conditions. Berkley teamed with one of the early pioneers of the flipping technique, Gary Klein, to create this versatile bass flipping jig. Carefully crafting every detail, the bass jig is built on a Fusion 19 hook with Gary Klein's original, broad Arkie-style flippin' head. The jig design is perfect for diving into and out of matted weed beds and other gnarly hardcovers. Of course, an irresistible PowerBait flavored skirting tops off the bass fishing jig. Try approaching heavy vegetation next time to catch those that lurk beneath with this Berkley Flipping Jig!

  • PowerBait silicone skirt
  • Stout, needlepoint Fusion 19 hook
  • Detached, talon-style keeper locks bait into place
  • Broad, Arkie-style head design
  • Heavy weed guard
  • 40 degree recessed, horizontal line tie
  • Qty. per Pack: 1