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The Berkley PowerBait Agent E Soft Bait is for the bass and other predators that feed on bottom-dwelling prey. The secret of the Agent E Soft Bait is its ultra-low center of gravity which naturally skids it along the bottom. Designed with Bassmaster Classic and MLF Pro Tour winner Edwin Evers, the custom-designed hook-keeper is about as snag-free as it gets through thickset grass and debris yet can still hook the shyest of bites. Side-to-side kicking action, no matter your retrieval speed, helps the Agent E PowerBait slide, crawl, skid, and hop into and out of the bottom's tough to reach places. The flavor-packed PowerBait scent gets spread throughout this trail. A built-in rattle is an added attraction to the soft plastic lure, as are the HD Tru Colors and standard injected colors. Evers suggests that you can fish the bait like a skirted bass jig or on a fast retrieve as you would a swimbait through the midwater column, too. Well, do as the bass fishing champion says after you first pick up the Berkley PowerBait Agent E Soft Bait!

  • Designed by Bassmaster Classic and MLF Bass Pro Tour Champion Edwin Evers
  • Bottom-dwelling swimbait has an ultra-low center-of-gravity internal weight
  • Skids along the bottom to imitate lifelike bottom-dwelling prey
  • Fish this bait like a skirted bass jig or on a fast retrieve as a mid-water column swimbait
  • Built-in rattle provides that extra enticement for extra strikes
  • Custom Edwin Evers designed hook-keeper sheds the nastiest grass and debris while easily collapsing to hook the slightest bites
  • The side-to-side kicking action drives attention even at the slowest speeds as it skids, crawls, hops, and slides its way into the hardest to reach places
  • Built tough with flavor-packed PowerBait material ensuring you have the chance to set the hook on every bite