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The Bomber Shallow A stays a foot or less deep, so it can go into the skinny water, where other crankbaits cannot. With a steady retrieve, a Bomber Shallow A will dive about a foot. A more popular approach is to slow it just a bit so it runs right at the surface or barely beneath it to push out a distinct V-shaped wake. This approach, which is especially effective on calm days and over extra shallow water where the fish can be a bit spooky, catches the attention of every predator fish in the area and results in violent strikes. Yet another effective appoach is to fish a Shallow A with pulls and pauses so it dives slightly and wobbles and then pops back to the surface. Measuring only 2 inches long and weighing 3/8 ounce, a Shallow A suggests easy dinner for bass and other game fish.

Bomber Shallow A Fishing Lure, Oxbow:
  • Size: 2"
  • Weight: 3/8 oz
  • Hooks: #6
  • Cranking Depth: up to 1'