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Chinook Divers are designed to work best with thin wire line and the super braided lines.  A counter reel is very helpful in calculating depth.  We use a 2 to 1 foot ratio calculation for line out-vs-depth.  100 feet of line out will get you 50 feet down.  Faster/slower trolling speeds and shallow/deeper will change this calculation slightly.  In shallow water, a larger diver will run closer to the back of the boat.  In deep water, a smaller diver will run further back behind the boat.

Generally, we don�t use a snubber.  Depending on fishing conditions and trolling speeds, you can see a few accidental releases at accelerated trolling speeds or in rough water.  We use 8 1/2 ft or 9 ft, fast action tip poles with the divers.  These give us the �snubber� type action to control accidental releases without adding more friction underwater.

Chinook Divers recommended depths

- #5 is used for 50-100+ feet deep and excellent for deep Salmon/big fish.

- #4 and #3 are both lethal in the 25-80 foot ranges, both very capable tools

- #2 works best in the 15-50 foot depth range and are great size for Walleye!

- #1 is also great for shallow trolling and to troll behind a bigger unit at similar depths.