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The Chinook Products Stainless Steel Trolling Diver is a directional troll fishing sinker that allows you to cover a broad swath of water effectively with multiple lines. Run Chinook Divers on either side of your boat and at multiple depths simultaneously. The thin, sleek trolling divers are designed for thin wire lines and super braided lines.

Chinook states a counter reel is advisable for calculating depth; these fishing divers follow a two-to-one ration calculation for line out-vs-depth (EX: 100 ft. of line out equals a depth of 50 ft.). Chinook notes that a faster/slower trolling speed and a shallow/deeper depth will slightly change this ratio. The larger diver will run closer behind the boat in shallow water while the smaller one will trail further behind the boat. Additionally, these stainless steel divers don't require a "snubber." Instead, to help prevent accidental releases at accelerated troll fishing speeds or in rough water, Chinook suggests that you can keep friction down underwater and get a snubber-type of action by using 8 1/2 ft. or 9 ft. soft-action poles with the divers.

Fish more lines and cover more area efficiently with high-performance fishing equipment so that you're not just burning fuel and taking a boat ride – use Chinook Products Stainless Steel Trolling Divers to bring more fish onboard!

  • Directional troll fishing sinkers allow you to cover a more broad fishing area
  • Works best with wire lines and super braided lines
  • Counter wheel helpful when calculating depths
  • Thin sleek body
  • Trips easy, dives deep
  • Qty. per Pack: 1