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The Cuda 9" Titanium Bonded Stainless Steel Freshwater Pistol Grip Pliers are highly specialized, featuring an integrated crimper and long nose for removing hooks with its durable jaws. The Pliers also feature a stalwart, full tang carbon steel construction that can be seen through the Cuda scale pattern, non-slip handle grips. These two elements come together to provide you with a firm and secure grip regardless of the conditions. Complete with titanium bonded, stainless steel blades that are three times harder than untreated steel, edge retention along with exceptional rust and corrosion resistance is guaranteed.

  • Pistol Grip Handles
  • Long Nose for Removing Hooks
  • Titanium Wire, Fluorocarbon & Mono Cutter
  • Titanium Bonded. Visible full-tang construction. Non-slip, Cuda scale pattern grips
  • Pistol grip handles. Long nose for removing hooks. Titanium integrated fluorocarbon & mono cutter
  • Intgrated Crimper