FRABILL NET CONSERVATION 21"X24" (Rubber Netting )

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The Conservation Series was built with safe catch-and-release in mind. The newly redesigned Clear Rubber Conservation Net is now stronger than ever, with an ultra-durable Pow'R Lok yoke and premium rubber grip. All nets feature 100% knotless netting – eliminating injuries commonly caused by sharp knots. This clear rubber netting is also ultra durable and camouflages underwater. Flat, linear bottoms reduce fish rolling and support the weight of the entire fish and MeshGuard hoops greatly extend the life of the net.


  • Hoop size - 21 in x 24 in
  • Handle length - 36 in Collapsible
  • Mesh - 3/8 in
  • Depth - 13 in
  • Tangle-free micromesh
  • Updated Pow'R Lok yoke now stronger than ever
  • Clear rubber camouflages underwater movement
  • Heavy-duty aluminum handle with rubber molded grip
  • MeshGuard hoop reduces lure catch points
  • Flat bottom nets to better protect the fish