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The Black Fury was introduced in 1962 and became an overnight hit.To this day the only Mepps lure that is more popular is the original Aglia introduced in 1938. The Black Fury offers a medium depth running blade on a black muted background. For years there were two color choices, fluorescent red or the original yellow dots. Chartreuse was added by popular demand followed by the firetiger pattern which is a combination of the three colors. The Black Fury offers Mepps quality through out. Using solid premium brass machined components to maintain their balance and always run true. Solid brass blades and premium hooks on a Swedish stainless steel shaft.From the smallest size #00 1/18 oz for arctic grayling and smaller panfish or ultra light enthusiasts, through to the largest #5 ½ oz or #5 Black Fury Musky Killer for northern pike and musky, Black Furys have been responsible for millions of memorable catches around the world in the last 50 years.