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A Michigan Stinger Kingfisher Flasher for salmon trolling swims in the water with vibration, action, vibrant colors, and a legit profile. The 11" Kingfisher Stinger Rotating Flasher creates the flash and vibration that brings hungry lake trout, steelhead, browns, kings, and coho to the chase. Michigan Stinger Flashers for Great Lakes trolling are perfect!

The Kingfisher Stinger Flasher has filled tackle boxes and live wells for years. Featuring premium hardware, movement, and color patterns, including UV and Glow colors, the Stinger Kingfisher Flasher makes for easy rigging on short and long leaders used in conjunction with downriggers, drop releases, and dipsies and designed to be paired with flies, bait, or hoochies.

  • 11 in. design for trolling with a back kicker fin that supplies erratic action
  • Includes a ball-bearing swivel at one end and a fast lock snap on the other
  • Trolling speeds as slow as 1-2 mph
  • Minimum drag after hooking fish
  • Some models with Glow or UV colors
  • Qty. per Pack: 1