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Extend the life of your favorite lures and rigs by surrounding them with the incredible rust-proof protection offered by the Plano Rustrictor Box 3700 Thin. From the moment the Plano Rustrictor Box 3700 Thin snaps shut, it immediately surrounds contents with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) vapors. These molecules stop rust and corrosion before it can start. It’s an incredible feature you wont’ even know is there – with no reside, odor, or film left on your tackle.

The Plano Rustrictor Box 3700 Thin takes one of Plano’s most popular sizes, then removes some height for a slimmer profile. It’s a versatile travel companion, and an easy one-handed grab. Inside, the Plano Rustrictor Box 3700 Thin offers five fixed compartments that can be filled with lures, or split up with the adjustable dividers to create 34 compartments that fit your tackle just right.

Dimensions: 14” x 9.13” x 1.38”


-Adjustable dividers create 5-34 compartments
-Most effective rust-preventing storage solution on the market
-Blocks rust/corrosion 5x longer* than competing products
-Infused with 360 degrees of Volatile Corrosion inhibitor
-Works with or without dividers
-Developed with Armor Protective Packaging
-Keeps expensive lures/tackle clean and pristine
-Transparent for easy viewing and access to contents
-Won’t leave residue, odor, or film on tackle