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Give your smartphone an extra level of protection when near the water with this Mobile Phone Dry Pouch from Shoreline Marine. This pouch allows you to carry your smartphone or touchscreen equipped device with peace of mind while on boats both large and small. Suitable for beaches and docks and anywhere else that might have opportunity for splashing and water play. The pouch is see through and allows you to use the device through it, and it comes with an adjustable cord for extra safety. Not designed for long periods of submersion or for depths over 2 feet.
  • Gives you extra safety when aboard boats or near water
  • See through material lets you use your phone or touchscreen device while in pouch
  • Adjustable cord gives extra layer of protection
  • Triple sealed, fits most cell phones and you can operate your phone when pouch is sealed
  • Keep your electronics safe and secure while out on the boat, at the beach, or even by the pool