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The NED Rod is built to give you the angler every bit of advantage when utilizing this finesse technique. Crafted to a length of 7 foot 6 inches, the NED rod has a medium/light power and an extra fast action.

It is made using Tactical Fishing Gear’s signature lightweight high-quality high-modulus graphite blank and 9 perfectly spaced lightweight low-profile premium guides that run along its surface. The guide set-up and spacing has been designed to make extra-long casts with low weights, to detect light bites, and to pin fish so you do not have to worry about bending out or pulling light wire hooks.

  • 7 foot 6 inches – one piece

  • 1/16oz to 1/2oz lure rating

  • 6 to 10lbs line rating

  • 9 lightweight, low profile, premium guides

  • High-quality high-modulus graphite blank

  • Medium/light power

  • Extra fast action

  • Premium split grip cork handles