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The next generation of Drop Shot fishing has arrived. This is the industry’s first rod that was specifically designed and branded for Power Shoting!

The Power Shot Rod is 7 foot 2 inches long, has a medium power and a fast action. It is rated for tackle/lure weights ranging from 1/8oz to 5/8oz. Built around Tactical Fishing Gear’s unique high-quality high-modulus graphite blank, the rod has been battled tested in all elements. Open water, tall cabbage, over deep rocks, or around current breaks, it is everything you need in a Drop Shot Rod but with the strength and backbone required for fighting giant bass.

  • 7 foot 2 inches – one piece

  • 1/8oz to 5/8oz lure rating

  • 6 to 10lbs line rating

  • 9 lightweight, low profile, premium guides

  • High-quality high-modulus graphite blank

  • Medium power

  • Fast action

  • Premium split grip cork handles