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Necessary for use with diver wire unless a roller tip is used to avoid kinks with the constant pressure the diver gives that could crease with a standard eye

 FJR Industries manufactures a Fishing Rod Tip for use with wire trolling line. The use of wire line for deep water trolling has become very popular, particularly in the Great Lakes region.

The coil wire tip, sold under the trademark TWILI-TIP, features a stainless steel spring to resist corrosion and a bright yellow body to improve tip visibility. Designed to fit most popular rod sizes; six inserts, sizes #5 through #16, are packaged with each tip. Installation is simple requiring only Super-Glue™.

The use of wire line for deep water trolling dates back to the early 1940's. The earliest metallic lines were made from copper and quickly broke due to cold working of the metal resulting from wire fatigue at the rod tip. Although the wire trolling line used today is much improved over the earlier copper wire, the problems of resistance to reeling and the wire fatigue, both caused by the rod guide tip, still exist.