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1/32 OZ


Heres how you add real flair to craft a finesse rig no bass can pass! Just push the weighted VMC Neko Skirt into the soft plastic bait on your Neko rig, and marvel at the wondrous aquatic creature you just created. This unique 2-part skirt features a sparse array of both living rubber and silicone strands, which together deliver amazing action as they splay at the end of the worm. The skirt strands are epoxied into a Neko-style nail weight with conical ribs that hold the skirt firmly in place. Wont damage the worm. 2-pack.Adds unique flair and action to a Neko rig2-part skirt with living rubber and silicone strandsStrands are epoxied to a nail weight with conical ribsSimply insert into the end of your plastic wormHolds firm without damaging the plastic