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The Williams Whitefish offers a variety of weights, sizes and finishes allowing you to match the size and colour of prey larger predators are feeding on.


One of the many assets of the Whitefish is its versatility. Ideal for trolling or casting. The design of the Whitefish allows it to be reversed for a different action. On slow days or during a slowdown in the bite, try reversing the spoon by simply switching the hook to the other end to trigger a response. The different action provoked by the reversal of the spoon can be an effective switch.


The size C70 Whitefish at 4 1/4” is a perfect imitation of most mature baitfish species. The larger C80 and C90 Whitefish are popular Great Lakes salmon lures as well as proven big lake trout and northern pike favourites. They are regularly used as bait or smaller lure attractors or dodgers. Their unique shape offers less resistance and the brilliant flash of the precious metal finish attracts fish from greater distances.


The unique design of the Whitefish results in a distinctive proven action. At fast, medium or slow speeds, the Whitefish is equally effective.