Fishing Report Update - June 22

Fishing Report Update - June 22

June 22

Time to catch up on what has been happening on the water lately.

Over on Lake Ontario, things are getting better! Some warmer water has recently pushed in along the south shore and with that, there is lots of bait around & hungry predators not far behind!

Inshore the water can often be a little warm and finding the ideal temp break is often key. Sometimes the shallower water will be "homogenized" or "bath" water. A term which means the temp can be the same throughout most of the water column, Its not uncommon to find 60 degree water from to to nearly the bottom after a shoreline receives a strong onshore wind. Kings will feed in warm water when the bait is in, but generally wont hang in there for long. A Fish Hawk probe will help you find the ideal temp break. A good scenario is finding a break from the warm surface to about 40-70 feet down to find 48-50 degrees. Again this just a general guideline & conditions are always changing.

Spoons will always get fish & are a great choice to cover covering water & catching different species. But as we go through summer, flasher/flies & flasher/meat rigs will typically get you more quality size fish. 

Here's some standard color combos that are good in the mornings/evenings (low light conditions) 


And some that are good mid day, with typical sunlight penetration. 


Flies are often best when ran off 8" flashers, while meat is better on 10"-13" flashers, but again, you can mix it up.  


The Silver Salmon Challenge is now underway & some nice fish are hitting the scales already. Updates for that can be found at

Lastly to tease you, yesterday a 35lb Salmon was caught on a charter boat off Oswego NY! While this is a very exceptional fish, there's gotta be a few more of them out there somewhere!!  

Over on Lake Erie, the walleye fishing is starting to get better on the east side. 

Best spots from Fort Erie to Nanticoke are 15-35 FOW concentrating on the shoals, reefs & points. Crankbaits like Mooneyes, Hooligans, Bandits, Bay Rats & Husky Jerks are working well. Be prepared to catch incidental Bass & Sheephead while your at it. good luck to everyone in the Bud Shootout out of Port Colborne this weekend.  


Bass season opens up for the rest of Ontario this Saturday! 

Have fun everyone.