Our Services

Our Services

1- Line Spooling – We spool it all! Monofilament, Braid, Fluorocarbon, Copper, Lead Core, Trolling Wire, & Weighted Steel.

2 – Installations & Boat Work
We specialize in properly installing marine electronics, down riggers, track systems, trolling motors & more. We properly take the time to make sure your needs are met without cutting corners.
(sorry we do not do mechanical engine work)

3 – Rod Repairs
We generally can repair most rod tips here in the shop within a few minutes.. We can also properly repair/replace guides & as well do some other cosmetic repairs within a few day’s time.

4- Fishing Seminars – generally from Fall through Spring, with help from local guides/charter boat captains, we hold various seminars here in the shop to help you become a better anglers

5 - On The Water Clinics – If you’re seeking some one on one instructional help to put more fish in the boat, we can help. Contact us to discuss further.