Mid September and it feels like mid August!

We have been fortunate to have relatively nice stable weather of late and with that, the fishing continues to be very good!

Lake Erie walleye fish has been epic of late! Recently fishing has gotten very good off Crystal Beach - Port Colborne 70-80 FOW. Moving west Port Maitland is still very good in 85-95 FOW, Nanticoke 85-100 FOW and off Burwell in about 65 FOW.

For the most part, the walleye are being caught within the bottom 20 feet of the water column. With the fish being thick and feeding actively worm harnesses, stick baits & spoons are working very well.


The fishing should continue to be good until the waters cool. Get out while you can!

Perch fishing will be getting good soon too.

The smallmouth bass is good in 15-30 FOW and will be getting very good as the temp drops.

On Lake Ontario, large mature "stager" Salmon are still being caught by trolling, but its beginning to slow down as they run the rivers/harbours. That being said, shore anglers are now doing very well by casting & drifting for them.

Remember that in certain locations on Sept 30 the season closes for them & other species, so please consult the regulations to be sure.

On the flip side now is a great time to target the younger Salmon & the rainbow trout offshore. Generally 150 FOW is a good starting point and head out from there. Find the thermocline (30-60 feet down) and run a spoon program at 2.5-2.7 MPH and you find fish.


Hopefully this help!