Long Weekend Recap - July 4

Long Weekend Recap - July 4

🇨🇦 long weekend recap!

Well it's safe to say we're now in the early Summer peak season. What we mean is that weather is relatively good/stable, lakes are definetly warming up and thermoclines are setting up. This usually translates to very good fishing in most spots before the hot humid "dog days" of summer kick in.

On Lake Ontario lately the Salmon and Trout fishing has been very good in most areas. Along the South shore, Grimsby to the Niagara River has been producing very well. In most spots 80-150 FOW has been consistent. There are times where out deeper can be a bit better too. Lots of bait is around the inside waters keeping the Salmon & Trout well fed. 40-70 feet down has been good most days. Hot patterns lately for spoons, flashers , flies & herring rigs has been Glow Frog, 2 Face & 42nd. Wonderbread always good too on those smoggy/smokey low visibility days too.

The Fleas are beginning to appear now too. Wire line for your divers and heavier mono for your riggers will help repel them. You can also try a Flea Stripper tool or Flea Repellent line too.

The Toronto shores & further east has been producing many nice fish for both GOSD & SSC derbies.

On Erie, the Walleye & Steelhead fishing continues to get better in most ports. Central basin by Port Stanley, Bruce & Burwell is very good .

Spoons working great as well as stick baits like Ripplin Redfins and Yaleye Mooneyes. Worm harnesses too are taking walleye. little tip, sometimes bumping the speed up to almost 3 mph can trigger extra bites!

Nanticoke still having good days. Fort Erie, Crystal Beach, Port Colborne and Maitland are all producing fish but it's been less consistent. Gotta find the schools & work 'em.

Great bass fishing is happening everywhere now too. Great time to hit Lake Erie in 10-20 FOW. Many are post spawn and sliding out a bit deeper.

Have a great week everyone!