May 8 - Weekend Recap Fishing report

May 8 - Weekend Recap Fishing report

Can't really complain too much about the weather this past weekend!

Over on Lake Ontario the fishing remains pretty good. For the Chinook Salmon, the challenge is that many of them have moved currently in the NY side. (Always a good idea to have a NY license 😉) It's not uncommon to see this scenario as its kind of like a game of "tug of war" as the warm Niagara plume shifts and drives the kings up & down either shoreline. Some east winds coming so hopefully they come back to 🇨🇦 again soon For now we are also seeing many being caught deep, over deeper water (150-200fow) Hard to beat a large flasher & meat rig in that scenario.

Nice to see many larger kings being caught too recently. There have been kings caught shallower in 40-80fow as well, but less. Again things change quickly by the day. As we also know, a full moon period with a clear sky often can lead to a slower or "different bite".

Lots of nice Lake Trout around too, which can help to fill the void. Many coho around too. They are generally higher up chasing shiners, so fish high (8-15 feet down) with bright orange/red patterned spoons or mino coho flasher/flies.



Perch fishing is still great on Lake Erie, seems like the spawn is half over.


Another benefit of having a NY license is the early Bass season. Drop shot, tubes, jigging spoons & blade baits are good presentations. Incidental walleye are always a welcome surprise too out there.

Speaking of walleye, some zones in Ontario opened up this weekend and most of Southern Ontario opens this coming weekend too. As always, please refer to the regulations for specific exceptions, slot limits, etc.