Spring Is Here!

Spring Is Here!

Spring is near, and a right of passage around these parts is the excellent Brown Trout fishing we have.

These beautiful creatures can be somewhat elusive during the summer but over the next 2 months they can be much easier to target.

Now is when they start to invade the shallows along the Hamilton - Niagara shoreline. Prime spots will be anywhere near a creek/river mouths or harbours/marinas as these area will typically have warmer colored water that attracts them.

These fish can be caught from shore, kayak or boat. Tossing spoons like Cleos or Williams can be effective and very fun.

Trolling allows you to cover more water. The next few weeks, the best action will be in 8-20 feet of water. 3-4 inch shallow Stick baits work well. Bay Rats, Live Target Smelt, & Rapala's are most popular.

Choose bright colors in colored water and more natural if it's clearer.
Stick baits are best trolled with just 12-15lb test monofilament line.

Trolling spoons can also work. Using 1 or 2 colors of lead core is very effective or a mini Diver.

Things will change for the Browns in early April.
Stay tuned here for regular Fishing Reports to come soon!