Weekend Recap Fishing Report - April 17

Weekend Recap Fishing Report - April 17

Weekend recap Mon April 17

Some very nice weather again this weekend!

Starting with Lake Ontario. Depending who you talked to, you will likely hear mixed opinions on the fishing this weekend.

The high sun & flat waters, & boat traffic don't always add up to good results. That is when you gotta find new water & have a couple tricks in your arsenal. That being said a good mix of Salmon & Trout were caught by many over the weekend. Jordan to Niagara seemed to be the better stretch of water .

Good brown trout action continues in the shallows, providing good water color. We're seeing a great class of young BTs caught with the occasional trophy.

Many boats are catching some chinook salmon now.. but definitely not lots just yet. Hang on its coming! Stick baits behind planer boards are still taking most fish. Reef Runners, Yaleye Mooneyes & Live Target Smelt.

Good news is we're seeing more Coho coming in now. Small red/orange spoons & mini flasher/dodgers with peanut flies are working well. 

Plenty of Lake Trout too for those that want them in 40-60 FOW.

On Lake Erie the perch bite is amazing now both on the east side 50-70 FOW & in Long Point. Lake Simcoe too!

For those with NY licenses, the Bass fishing setting up nicely too.

Great catfish continues in all the usual spots.

A little wind, rain & cooler temps coming this week, which will likely be a good thing. We'll see how things play out.