The Strait Line Anglers Club annual Ken Fisher Memorial Spring Fling Tournament is happening Sat May 4 out of Port Dalhousie (back up weather day Sun May 5)
Everyone is welcome to participate
7am blastoff
Teams must be in line at 3pm with coolers
Any teams not in line up with cooler by 3pm are disqualified.
$150 per boat
6 rods max
SLA retains 20%
remaining pay out is 50% 1st 30% 2nd & 20% 3rd
Prize packs for 4th & 5th place
Optional $20 big fish pot
50% to winner, 50% to SLA kids program
Biggest fish of any of 6 eligible species wins.
It's a 3 fish & 3 species box
10 points per fish + 1 point per pound.
Eligible species are Chinook, Coho, Atlantic, Rainbow (Steelhead), Brown & Lake Trout.
You may only have 3 total fish in your cooler. 1 each of 3 of these species. ( example 1 Chinook 1 brown trout & 1 Lake Trout, or 1 Steelhead 1 lake trout & 1 Chinook)
Any teams with more then 3 fish in their cooler at weigh in will result in disqualification. You must decide which fish you are weighing in before bring your cooler to the line up.
If you have fish to weigh in for the St. Catharines Game & Fish Association - Spring Salmon Derby you may do so after the tournament weigh in.
Registration cutoff is Thursday May 2, 8pm via E transfer
Please include the team name name & Captain's name & phone number in the email. We will email each team the full rules & waiver. Waiver must be brought in before blast off.
Any questions or concerns you may send to the committee at that email address