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Nicknamed ‘The Whale’ because of its unique head shape the Freedom Tackle Tube Jig Heads position more of its full, zinc body beneath the line tie so the hook is positioned in the middle of your tube. Equipped with a 90-degree razor-sharp Gamakatsu hook, the innovative head design improves penetration by keeping the point accessible and ensuring there is less plastic to move or tear when you go to set the hook.

Reducing hang-ups on rock and wood, the Freedom Tackle Tube Jig Head has a flattened underside to help the jig remain upright on the bottom and prevent rolling when coming through virtually any type of bottom structure. Taking all the guesswork out of rigging up, each jig head has the weight size engraved directly on the head to cut down on rigging time and boost on-the-water efficiency. Available in multiple weights and hook sizes, the Freedom Tackle Tube Jig Heads are compatible with both large and small tube bodies.