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Ideal for shallow slow-rolling or accessing deep water fish with a finesse lure, the Great Lakes Finesse Sneaky Spin is a compact underspin nicknamed the 'Lake Vacuum' with a reputation for catching everything that swims! Built with a custom head design and lifelike 3D eyes, the Sneaky Spin features a unique forward line tie placement that slips through sparse vegetation with ease and delivers perfectly horizontal swimming action.

Fitted with premium stainless-steel components and a ball bearing swivel that will have the blade spinning at the slowest of retrieve speeds, the Sneaky Spin is armed with a razor-sharp 1/0 Owner hook designed to pair perfectly with finesse swimbaits. Finished with durable powder paint for improved chip resistance, the Great Lakes Finesse Sneaky Spin has been carefully thought out from end to end to ensure it meets the high standards of hardcore anglers.