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The Michigan Stinger Sidekick Flasher pairs with trolling spoons, trolling flies, meat rigs, hoochies, and more, giving irresistible action to these trailing lures. The Stinger Sidekick's unique flip flop "L" shape design enables a slow roll with random and unpredictable kicks that make your trailing lure react in ways salmon, lake trout, and other predatory fish have a hard time ignoring! The nine inches long Michigan Stinger Sidekick rotating flasher comes in wide color varieties. Get set up for tourney day or face down any weather conditions on your pleasure fishing cruise with a Dragon Lady and other color choices with the slow-rolling, random kick of a Michigan Stinger Sidekick Flasher!

  • 9 in. design with a wide front and tall rear fin that pulls meat rigs more effectively than traditional flashers
  • Includes a ball-bearing swivel at one end and a fast lock snap on the other end
  • Flip flop design with a unique "L" shape fin that allows for a smooth rotation with unpredictable kicking motions
  • Pairs well with trolling spoons, flies, meat rigs, and more
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